• Corpus Rubenianum Ludwig Burchard, Brussels - London, 1968-

The catalogue raisonné of Rubens' oeuvre -the most ambitious catalog project ever dedicated to a single artist- discusses and reproduces every painting, every sketch and every drawing of the Master, complemented by woodcuts and prints that were produced under his supervision.

The Corpus is comprised of 29 parts, each one directed at a specific subject from Rubens' rich production (Old Testament, landscapes, Saints, etc.). One single part can contain up to eight volumes. The compilers of the Corpus, internationally respected researchers associated with domestic and foreign universities or museums, base themselves on the documentation that was collected by the eminent Rubens' expert Ludwig Burchard (1886-1960). Authors evaluate his exhaustive documentation and supplement it with the information that has come to light since 1960 and with the results of their own research. The Corpus can be viewed as the completion of Burchard's life work.

The first part of the Corpus appeared in 1968. In the meantime, 21 various authors have published 18 parts (partial) in 28 volumes. The completion of the series is planned for 2020.

Click here for a complete list of the published parts and those yet to appear.


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